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Redefining a market with a powerful content strategy and foundational messaging

To spark growth, we repositioned Lightrail from “branded currency” to a loyalty infrastructure platform. Our objective was to create a repeatable marketing engine by having consistent messaging across all marketing, along with a marketing plan that tied in with sales and company goals.

We identified three solution entry points around acquisition, retention, and loyalty; anchored by an SEO strategy and comprehensive competitive research. Through a new messaging manifesto, marketing plan, and a collection of content around the loyalty experience, Lightrail can move prospects through the funnel.

We published the Lightrail Loyalty White Paper as a cornerstone piece of content. Its purpose is both to generate leads and serve as a source of information throughout the sales process.

We then created a modular messaging toolkit—a set of content pieces that each serve Lightrail’s audience at different points in the purchase funnel. From defining the concept of modern loyalty infrastructure to comparing solution types, to product-specific content used later in the sales cycle, this content can be reordered and repurposed for each prospect conversation. It will be used in many future lead-generating initiatives across social channels, email campaigns, and product-focused messaging.

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