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Making the case for Marketing supporting Sales in a beautiful—and highly effective way

Eventbrite offers the world’s largest event technology platform so that anyone or any organization can create and share enriching, memorable events and experiences. Their marketing leadership sought new ways to support sales, so we worked with Eventbrite’s sales and marketing leadership team to create an industry messaging strategy and a world-class presentation that delivered immediate opportunities for the sales team.

For the presentation, together we crafted the storyline and the narrative. From that single, thoroughly planned presentation, we then segmented it by vertical, and by key countries. We took the following steps from start to finish:

  • Identified key objectives for this deck
  • Developed the “Big Idea”
  • Developed story arc
  • Found customer stories that resonated
  • Created sales deck strawman
  • Built out sales deck, a detailed talk track and worked with the design team to bring the story to life

Then the Marketing leadership asked us to identify and build upon their top industries. We dove in and analyzed their existing available sales data and consumer activity. We identified seven verticals for Eventbrite to focus on, and then conducted customer interviews and met with the vertical sales teams to discover what works best per vertical, and to delineate the right messaging per vertical as well.

For each vertical, we created a complete, unique brand identity system per industry, including links to and snippets of customer success stories for easy reference, the narrative and proper language for the various sales teams to follow.

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