We work side by side with executive teams, marketing, and sales to solve your go-to-market, messaging, or pipeline challenges. We look at everything from your product to your process, and deliver a tailored strategy to build out your marketing quickly.

Here’s why our clients choose us:

We learn fast

Our experience and our results span industries, verticals, and organizations. We can quickly recognize challenges, patterns, and opportunities in your business.

We inspire confidence

Let us handle scaling your customer base, so you can focus on scaling your company.

We tell a good story

Not only can we deliver attributable high-quality pipeline, but we will also ensure your brand story is unique and well-differentiated in your industry.

We deliver both business results and beautiful work

We work with global companies, from Auckland to Berlin, to Vilnius. We’re able to adapt our marketing know-how to help international startups grow.

Work with the same team that bolstered Pantheon, Salesforce, SAP and other industry titans.

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Headshot of Ursula Ayrout, founder of Measure Co
Ursula Ayrout

Ursula Ayrout is CEO and founder of Measure, a marketing agency that works with top startups and enterprises to drive strong growth, nail their positioning, and solve tough pipeline challenges. She brings in some of the industry’s top talent to cultivate high-performing marketing teams for each client project, helping companies build successful go-to-market strategies.

With a strong background in demand generation and product marketing, Ursula excels at building teams and using cutting-edge marketing techniques to scale companies. Although performance is at the core of who she is as a marketer, she believes businesses should tell compelling stories and build a brand if they want to own a category. Ursula has helped shape the marketing departments at Business Objects (SAP), HP, Salesforce and Pantheon.

Ursula’s metrics-driven sales and marketing initiatives helped Pantheon acquire their first 80,000 customers. She helped grow lead conversion from 8% to 30%, and delivered $25 million in pipeline to the sales team at Salesforce, generated demand for Business Intelligence at HP, (where she was recognized as the annual MVP), and set the wheels in motion for Business Objects to grow 30% year-over-year.

Ursula’s keen insight into what motivates people to take action demonstrates what’s possible when instincts and analytics join forces. Her #dreamjob concept at Salesforce revived recruitment efforts and resulted in the company’s fresh crop of top talent. The social recruitment campaign continues to be a touchstone for its executive leadership team.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Ursula grew up with an enduring fascination with marketing and technology, and thus, turned these elements into her own dream job.