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Shelf increases visibility, and ultimately sales, by building out their inbound marketing engine is a company that recognizes the value of each individual employee’s time within any company or organization. They also realize that time is wasted when an employee has to spend extra, unintended time searching for documents in multiple locations. Shelf’s product gives any organization the power to organize, declutter, and easily find documents in one central location. Shelf worked with a Harvard University librarian to create their product, but they realized that to increase their visibility and their sales, they needed a marketing partner to help them organize, declutter, and find their way to the very top of all search engines and in front of well-vetted prospects.

Working closely with Shelf founders, we recognized their immediate need for a repeatable inbound engine. We took the first step by identifying key company sales and marketing goals, in particular, after careful consideration, deciding to appeal to enterprise-level buyers. We then created Shelf’s messaging manifesto—geared towards enterprise buyers—which is the basis for all copy, content, and campaigns. Once we had our messaging, we focused on building out Shelf’s marketing foundation by modeling their pipeline based on their sales goals and building a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that included a new brand identity, website revamp, product rollouts, targeted campaigns and more.

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